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I am on a roller coaster of a journey in this world of indie publishing. We all have lofty dreams but the road to getting where we truly want to be can become overwhelming. Even fighting tooth and nail doesn’t necessarily mean our efforts will pay off. It’s a sad reality of life. But, as long as there is a chance, most of us are willing to live in the battle.
I draw courage from heroes like Malala Yousafzai when the urge to throw in the towel crosses my mind. The solid real-life achievers show me what might be possible with hard work. In my struggle to become a widely-read novelist it sure helps to have that kind of inspiration.
Even the protagonists I’ve created, with their never-give-up-the-fight heroic side, remind me to dig extra deep in myself for the strength necessary to climb to greater heights. There is definitely a reason we adore strong characters—both in life and in fiction.
It’s impossible for me not to be in love with my characters when so much time has been spent observing them, living their strange post-apocalyptic existence and feeling their telepathic pings. I would so much rather devote all of my time to creating more of that realm than almost anything else—though a nice rewarding cruise could possibly take me away for a while.
I am still growing as a writer and hope to continue to do so for the rest of my days. After I finished Ping Two – Across the Valley, and before I launched it, I immediately went back and rewrote Ping. I want the reader to have a wonderful experience from the beginning of the series onward. The revised edition is called Ping – From the Apocalypse. Ping was my first published novel, and while I was happy with it at the time it was first launched in 2011, I later realized that it needed improving.
Having learned so much since then, from reader reviews, feedback, and from continually writing, I am so thankful for this opportunity to have my work published. It takes many words to develop the craft of creating a professional novel. But I assure you, I’ve been working harder at it than anything I’ve done before. In every fibre of my being I hope I’ve turned a good story into something special and memorable. I hope my characters will touch your heart and make you shed a tear or two. I look forward to the awesome journey ahead hoping my readers will travel with me into the ongoing world of Ping!
If you have already read the original novel Ping, you can get the updated version Ping – From the Apocalypse for free at Amazon—if that is where you purchased it—by sending them a request to have the 2013 revised edition manually pushed through to your device. I think you will enjoy the several new chapters I’ve added that fill in some of that gaps. If you bought it elsewhere please email me at: ping@susan-lowry.com and I will let you know how to get it.
I would be so thankful for your feedback and if you have the time to leave a review it would mean the world to me!!!


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